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Dr Cyril Tsan

In 2001, Dr Tsan worked at Monash University as an Anatomy demonstrator for one year to consolidate a solid background in human anatomy. He then spent another year doing a sentinel node biopsy project in breast cancer with Associate Professor M Henderson at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (now VCCC – Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre) and presented the project at RACS Annual Scientific Meeting in 2003.

After starting his advanced surgical training in 2004, he developed an intense interest in Breast and Endocrine,  embarking on post fellowship training at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. During that time, he also completed a CCPU ( Clinical Performed Ultrasound) course in 2009 which enables him to use ultrasound in office to provide real time assessment of breast and thyroid masses. Dr Tsan can provide fine needle aspiration biopsy if necessary at the time of consultation.

Dr Paul Ah-Tye

Paul is a well-established General surgeon with considerable expertise in procedures ranging from gallbladder surgery, hernia surgery and more advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Ah-Tye’s particular expertise and experience lies in hernia surgery (both open and laparoscopic) for which further advanced training has been carried out.

Dr Chandika Wewelwala

He obtained the fellowship of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in 2020. He has  worked in Auckland City hospital New Zealand in 2020 where he had excellent exposure to a variety of breast surgeries as well as the opportunity to develop expertise in general surgical procedures including laparoscopic procedures. He also developed skills in managing a variety of skin cancers during this time. He then returned to Monash health as a Breast surgical oncology fellow to complete the accredited training in breast surgery. Monash health is one of the biggest healthcare providers in Australia and a high volume breast cancer treatment centre. Dr Chandika gained expertise in complex breast surgical procedures and is now able to offer the latest in the surgical management of breast cancer as well as other breast diseases. He also offers reconstruction of the breast with prosthetic implants as part of breast cancer treatment.

Dr Chandika Wewelwala specialises in oncoplastic breast surgery and prosthetic breast reconstruction.

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