Trigger Fingers

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How is Trigger Finger Surgery Performed?

  • It may be performed under local or general anesthetic.
  • The surgeon makes a small incision in the palm and release the “pulley” that restrict the tendon thickeing.
  • The skin is sutured closed and the hand is bandaged.

What to Expect After Trigger Finger Surgery?

  • After your surgery:
    • You can expect to go home the same day.
    • The stitches will be removed one to two weeks after surgery.
    • The time frame for your return to work will depend on the type of work you do but you may need to allow up to four to six weeks for your recovery.

Possible Complications

The risks associated with trigger finger surgery are low but include:

  • Numbness around the area
  • You may experience pain and tenderness around the surgery scar.
  • Bleeding and infection of the wound.
  • Condition may recur and requiring repeat surgery.