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Types of Anaesthetic Explained

The type of anaesthetic used for your procedure will depend on the type of operation you are having, the extent of the surgery and whether you will need extra pain relief. If you suffer from anxiety, talk to us about it before your procedure.

Local Anaesthetic

This is administered by one or more injections around the surgery site. You will be awake while the procedure takes place and will feel that something is happening at the site but you won’t feel pain.

Local Anaesthetic with Sedation

This type of anaesthetic is the same as a local anaesthetic but it also helps you to relax. You will be awake but sedated while the procedure takes place and you may not remember much about it afterwards.  This will be done at a day hospital setting.

General Anaesthetic

During a general anaesthetic you will be asleep while the procedure takes place. General anaesthesia requires a longer recovery period and may involve a hospital stay.